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Truly Great Coffee

The elixir of life, liquid gold, brain juice. My personal favorite, Morning jolt! The names say it all, don't they? Obviously here at Moonshine, we are a bit biased towards how important coffee is to our day to days, but clearly there's good reason with names like those! 

Exploring beans from different countries along with various roasting levels and techniques, the coffee world is endless! Don't even get me started on the different brewing methods.  As a coffee roasting company, we have and will continue to search and uncover all that there is to know about this fantastic bean! Whether your looking for that light fruity flavor, the deep earthy, or chocolaty kick, join us in the adventure and please feel free to drop a line with inquiries or feedback!

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How Moonshine Coffee Began..

Believe it or not, Moonshine coffee started with a barbeque! It was a curious thing, the multitude of different coffees that started popping up and we needed some answers. How are there so many flavors from just one tree?

Well, the short and simple is that there is not just one tree. There are different types of trees and then when you take into account the climate, elevation, and a hundred other factors; they all contribute to those flavors that we are experiencing. You name it, we needed to know and understand it!

So, yea, a barbeque and I'll tell you what, it worked! But it wasn't fantastic. So we progressed and now, through many a trial and error, we can confidently say that we know how to make a damn good cup of coffee!

Being in the cariboo region of BC, you'll notice that many of our names reference the surroundings. Blackwater Brew is named after a prominent river to the west, Billie's Blend is named after a pioneer to the Bouchie Lake area, and Farmer's Fuel..well, you get the picture. We love that our names represent the locality of our home and would love for some fresh ideas if you'v got them!

Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


Do you know that a coffee tree produces just less than 2 pounds of green coffee a year? That's right, a whopping 2lbs! That works out to a wee bit more than 1lb of roasted coffee. Now consider that the average Canadian drinks 3 cups a day...we gobble up those trees pretty quickly!

Questioning and understanding where your next cup of coffee is coming from should not be a dirty thing. By supporting ethically sourced coffee, you're not only impressing sustainability for our future coffee drinking adventures but you're also insuring proper working conditions and minimal environmental impacts for the producing farms.

Here at Moonshine Coffee, we know our beans are coming from responsible direct trade agreements and pride ourselves on roasting them to perfection!

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